Meet the CLAIMED

Grace Foster—In the beginning, Grace is a lonely girl with little hope that life has anything left in store for her. As she grows in confidence, she becomes the leader of the CLAIMED. She is a determined girl, although at times she is frightened.

Andrea Burlington—Andrea is a loyal, outgoing girl who cares about others. She becomes Grace’s first friend. Her caring intuition might sometimes frighten her friends, for she seems to know so much about what they are thinking and feeling. In actuality, she is simply an observant girl.

Tom Burlington—Thomas Burlington, better known as Tom, is the clown of the CLAIMED. He is always making jokes—even if they are only funny to him. His good spirits help keep his friends from despair. Despite this, he often tries to annoy his twin sister, Andrea.

Zachariah Goldwyn—Zachariah is the oldest of the CLAIMED. He is the most polite and helpful, and he has a keen sense of direction, which helps when the CLAIMED are in the wilderness.

Dawn Ellington—Dawn is one of the most opinionated of the CLAIMED. She is full of ideas. Additionally, she is a good actress, which shows well in her original encounter with the other CLAIMED.

Michael West—Michael is a tall boy who is a fast runner but a loyal friend. He becomes very close friends with Tom, and he sometimes helps the mischievous boy when he is trying to get on Andrea’s nerves.

Hazel Grant—Hazel is a lively, spirited girl, with curly bright red hair, the youngest of the CLAIMED. She can be very critical of the others at times, which results in her being shunned by some of the others. Although she has had a hard past, she has lost none of her spunk, and she is one of the most energetic characters in The Dimension Chronicles.